Spring 2024 Pitt Meadows Guide

Beginner Macramé 16Y+ Learn all the essentials to get you started with macramé in this series of 3 classes. In the first class, you will learn and practice the essential macramé knots, along with an introduction to the vocabulary and learn how to follow simple patterns. In the following two classes, you will use these skills to complete various patterns and projects of your choice through open workshop time. All

supplies included. Instructor: Kathleen Location: Activity Room - SBCC Sessions: 3

Fee: $120.00



#12687 May 24-Jun 7

History & Legends of Canadian Parks 16Y+

Maple Ridge Cemetery Walk 16Y+ Their stories are told in branches and bones. Experience the Maple Ridge Cemetery like you've

Canadian parks, forests and waterways have their share of mysterious stories. From the echoes of unknown creatures, to reports of lake monsters,

fearsome hauntings, and bizarre disappearances, our forests and regional parks have their own unique, supernatural occurrences. Gina and Victoria will take you on an easy walking trail through the Kanaka Creek Regional Park along the Fraser River, recounting not only local history, but sharing legends which span the far-reaching Canadian horizon from the Atlantic to the Pacific. One session only. Meet at the Kanaka Creek Regional Park – River Road Entrance. Instructor: Haunted History BC Location: Kanaka Creek Regional Park Sessions: 1 Fee: $24.00 Su 1:00pm-2:30pm #12681 Jun 23

We are re-opening the Pitt Meadows Art Gallery on the main floor of the South Bonson Community Centre in March 2024! Visit the links below for the most current information on the grand re-opening. And, the Pop-Up PMAG has been such a success it will now be permanently located in the lobby of City Hall. This satellite gallery will continue to showcase smaller collections of work from Lower Mainland artists. The Pitt Meadows Art Gallery is re-opening! never seen it before. Cemeteries hold great historical and natural value, not to be overlooked by those who enjoy a good graveyard. Among the backdrop of an innately haunting landscape, enjoy a unique experience where human history and natural history meet. Join Gina and Victoria as they share richly enchanting narratives of cemetery history. Also, learn why certain trees and shrubs became part of the cemetery landscape and hear stories of headstone symbols, burial rituals, cemetery superstitions, and graveyard folklore. Instructor: Haunted History BC Location: Maple Ridge Cememtery Sessions: 1 Fee: $24.00 Su 2:00pm-3:30pm #12680 May 12 Sa 4:00pm-5:30pm #12689 May 18 Su 1:30pm-3:00pm #12690 Jun 9

For information visit pittmeadows.ca/pmag 604.465.9845 | pmag@pittmeadows.ca


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